How Long Does Webull Take To Transfer Money?

Ever since Webull burst onto the scene, it has gained immense popularity, especially among millennial investors. Accessible and aesthetically-pleasing interface, a plethron of helpful tools, and both a desktop and a mobile application are just a few crucial factors influencing the success of Webull. With all due respect to the admirable efforts of the developers, there is one question on every investor’s mind.

How long does Webull take to transfer money? It takes Webull two to five business days to transfer money. A domestic wire transfer takes two business days and an international one – up to five business days. The other transfer type, Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer, takes around five business days but is free of fees.

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There are two routes you can take when transferring money on Webull. The Webull wire transfer is quick but paid.

Since Webull allows its users to take advantage of two distinct money transfer methods, it would be logical to take a closer look at each one. Such an overview of both transfer ways would allow you to decide which of the two will be the better choice in your unique situation. I am taking it upon myself to define which factors apart from the processing time you should consider. There is a lot to unpack here, so let’s dive into the article! 

How Long Does Webull Take To Transfer Money?

The answer to this question is simple. A domestic wire transfer takes two business days, while the international and the ACH transfer takes five business days. Right?

Yes, you are correct in thinking that way. There aren’t many fluctuations in the stated processing times, meaning your money will get transferred within the mentioned timeframes almost every time. However, each transfer type has its specifications. Knowing the details when deciding how to deposit or withdraw your cash gives you a definitive advantage in trading.

Let’s start with the most common option – the ACH money transfer only available to people with U.S. bank accounts. If you intend to deposit funds, you will have to wait for about five business days before utilizing the cash in your Webull account. While the deposit is being processed, Webull provides provisional credit (up to $1,000) as buying power, which you can use for trading.

You should carefully pick the time to make a deposit. 

A deposit made on the weekends won’t begin processing before Monday morning. If you send funds after hours (after 4:00 pm EST on a business day), the processing will start by the beginning of the next trading day. A deposit made during pre-market (before 9:00 am EST on a trading day) will eventually begin processing with the opening bell during trading hours on the same day.

Wire transfers are considered a secure and considerably quick money transfer method. A domestic wire transfer won’t take longer than two business days, which is an advantage if you need more buying power as soon as possible. However, an international transfer takes up to five business days and is the only way to transfer funds if you don’t have a U.S. bank account.

The only withdrawal option Webull offers is a bank transfer. The process takes up to two business days. Funds need to be fully settled before you can withdraw, which happens two trading days after the initial trade date. 

There is one key difference between the ACH transfer and the wire transfer aside from the fees, and this is the withdrawal holding period. Funds deposited by an ACH transfer need to stay in your account for no less than seven trading days. If you transfer funds with a wire transfer, you won’t have to deal with a holding period. 

When the time is essential, depending on the circumstances, you will be better off opting for a wire transfer even though you sacrifice a little bit of cash. If the situation isn’t urgent, an ACH transfer is still a great option. Unfortunately, Having no U.S. bank account limits you to only using a wire transfer.

How Long Does Webull Take To Approve Other Important Processes?

You can find the processing time for almost every significant process on the official website of Webull. I will give you a few examples that are helpful to know.

If you want to link your Webull account to a bank account, it will take four business days. 

Upgrading your cash account to a margin account takes a little bit longer than that. You will have to wait for six business days before your request gets approved. Just so you know, you won’t be allowed to trade during this period. 

Stock transfers take between five to seven business days, barring any complications. Any differences between your Webull and outgoing account may cause a delay.

One exception I can think of is the account application approval period. You are probably aware of it if you already have an account, but it can be inconsistent from person to person. The Help Center section doesn’t provide detailed information regarding the matter either. 

How Does Webull Compare to RobinHood When It Comes to Money Transfer?

If you withdraw money from RobinHood, you have to wait for at least four business days before the money gets to your bank account. Depending on your transfer history, depositing funds may take up to five business days.

Based on these estimates, Webull seems to offer superior services when it comes to transferring money. 

Webull also allows you to short stocks. Hm, interesting!


It is a great thing that Webull offers two distinct money transfer methods. Considering that each type has specific advantages and disadvantages, you have the freedom to take the optimal route based on your unique circumstances. 

Do you want the funds in your account as quickly as possible? A wire transfer will provide you with the necessary sum in a quick manner in exchange for a small amount of cash?

No need to rush? An ACH transfer free of fees will do the job perfectly.

What is it going to be now? Withdrawal or deposit? It doesn’t matter as you already know when you will get it!