How to Learn C++ for Cryptocurrency

One of the most important program languages for blockchain and Bitcoins is C++. But how to learn C++ for cryptocurrency? Is this even possible without prior knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology? If you are interested in learning this programming language, you came to the right place. Keep reading and see how you can learn C++ for crypto.

There are many free tutorials available online where you can learn some of the basics for C++ programing of crypto. Some of the best websites for this include,,, and Before you can start coding in C++, you will need to install C++ integrated development environment IDE program on your computer.

A man using the C++ programming language

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Before we continue, it is crucial to mention that if you have no experience in any kind of programming, learning C++ for crypto will be a hard and long process. So maybe the best course of action is to sign up for a course in C++ programming. Still, for those who know their ways around programming in Java or Python, figuring out how to code cryptocurrencies in C++ shouldn’t be difficult. Here is where to start. 

How to Learn C++ for Cryptocurrency? First, You Need to Understand What C++ Is?

C++ is one of the most powerful universal programming languages developers use for creating all kinds of programs, applications, games, systems, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies. With C++, you can learn different kinds of programming, such as procedural, object-oriented, and functional, making this language so flexible and useful for many different things.

Resources You Need to Start in C++ Crypto Coding 

To start coding anything in C++, you will need to install C++ integrated development environment IDE program on your computer and text editor as well. CLion is one of the best IDE programs for C++ and C coding, but you can use any IDE program you prefer. As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of free online tutorials available to learn C++ coding. Here are some of them:

  • Simply Explained (YouTube channel

There are also many youtube channels and tutorials that can guide you step by step in first-ever coding in C++. Here is the one that explains step by step how to build your blockchain with C++:

Why Is C++ So Appreciated Among Blockchain Developers?

C++ is a language that is vastly used among blockchain developers or miners. It is used for the creation of cryptocurrencies and other smart contracts, as well as for confirmation of transactions on the blockchain. Here are some of the top-rated features of C++ and why it is so popular among developers:

  • It has efficient memory control and CPU management,
  • It can easily run parallel and nonparallel threads,
  • You can move semantics easily and copy data efficiently,
  • It has good code isolation for different data structures,
  • C ++  allows for multiple inheritances,
  • Compile-time polymorphism for enhanced performance.

How to Create a Block on the Blockchain Using C++?

A blockchain is a chain of many blocks that contain data, and once data goes inside the block, it can never be changed. And what makes blockchain so immutable is something that is called hashing. Hashing is the way each block is connected to the previous block, and if data is changed inside the block, it will affect the hash drastically and, in the end, the entire block.

To create one block, you need to have an Index or block number, Timestamp, data inside the block, previous hash, and current hash. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a block in the blockchain using c++:

Step1Create a new file called Block.h
Step 2Add these lines inside the file 
 #define TESTCHAIN_BLOCK_H and #endif
Step 3#include <cstdint>
#include <iostream>
Step 4using namespace std;
Step 5add the following lines to the Block.h header file: 
class Block {
    string sPrevHash;

    Block(uint32_t nIndexIn, const string &sDataIn);

    string GetHash();

    void MineBlock(uint32_t nDifficulty);

    uint32_t _nIndex;
    int64_t _nNonce;
    string _sData;
    string _sHash;
    time_t _tTime;

    string _CalculateHash() const;
Step 4Create Blockchain.h header file by adding the following lines: 
#define TESTCHAIN_BLOCKCHAIN_H and #endif 
Step 5#include <cstdint>
#include <vector>
#include “Block.h”

using namespace std;
Step 6class Blockchain {

    void AddBlock(Block bNew);

    uint32_t _nDifficulty;
    vector<Block> _vChain;

    Block _GetLastBlock() const;

Is C++ Best Program to Use for Cryptocurrency?

As you can see, coding in C++ is not such an easy task, and some will argue that there are so many more modern and sophisticated programming languages that are much better to be used when programming for cryptocurrencies.

However, no one will argue that even the developers that are using other programming languages know their way around C++ programming. In fact, all senior blockchain developers will tell you that they know all about C++ programming because most cryptocurrencies are based on C++.

On the other hand, learning this programming language from scratch on your own can be challenging, so you can try some less complex programming languages first. Solidity, Java, Python, JavaScript, and PHP may be easier solutions for beginners.

If You’re Patient, You Can Get Plenty of Uses With C++ Beyond Crypto

All things aside, if you do decide to learn C++, you will find plenty of ways to use that knowledge easily. As we mentioned earlier, this is the universal programming language and can be used for creating many programs, games, and applications. So if you have time and patience, start your course today.