Why You Can’t Buy BNB on Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is an Android/iOS software that allows you to store and purchase all kinds of cryptocurrencies. Yes, even BNB can be purchased with a Trust Wallet. However, if you get a “Not Available” error message on the app, what’s the reason why you can’t buy BNB on Trust Wallet?

BNB won’t be available on Trust Wallet when the demand for the currency is extremely high, as this causes the service to start experiencing interruptions. The error message can also be a result of blacklisted IP, location, or ISP blocking issues.

A BNB coin

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You’re not alone if you’re trying to add extra BNB to your Trust Wallet but receive the “Not Available” error when inputting an amount for BNB. In this article, you can learn precisely why the currency is sometimes not available on Trust Wallet and how to purchase it when that happens. 

The High Demand for BNB Stop You From Buying It on Trust Wallet

I figured out that I was not able to purchase BNB on Trust Wallet at times because there was an extremely high demand for it. Sometimes when you are facing a problem with buying cryptocurrency, it doesn’t have to be anything wrong with an app or a platform.

When the demand for BNB is really high, the service will be disrupted. And as a result, you’ll get that “Not Available” message, meaning you won’t be able to purchase BNB until demand drops.

Keep in mind that the tech support manages to resolve the issue pretty quickly whenever this happens. Meanwhile, you must wait 30 minutes to an hour before attempting the purchase again.

A BNB coin in front of a computer with an open Binance app

Are There Other Reasons Why BNB Is Not Available on the Trust Wallet?

As you might have guessed, the error you receive on the app can be caused by a few factors. However, figuring out which one is causing problems can be a bit tricky. So, let me show you what I do when I don’t know why I can’t purchase the BNB coin on Trust Wallet.

How to Figure Out What’s Causing the BNB Availability Problem

If you have waited for a few hours, and there’s still something stopping you from buying the crypto, maybe a high demand for BNB is not the problem. To avoid waiting around for a few more hours, you can perform a troubleshoot on your phone, eliminating other possibilities.

To perform a troubleshoot, here’s what you can do:

  • Grab a phone, open a Trust Wallet from a VPN (this means you have to download a VPN app as well),
  • Use a different device to log into your Trust Wallet (try using another phone or a tablet),
  • Try logging from a different address or ISP to your Trust Wallet.

If none of these work, you should get assistance from the Trust Wallet support crew. To do so, you should follow these three steps:

  • Step One – Go to the Trust Wallet app settings, press the “About” option, and take a screenshot.
  • Step Two – Take a screenshot of the wallet, including all the errors or the missing balance.
  • Step ThreeContact the support once you have gathered all the screenshots. Simply attach all the photos and wait for them to contact you and help you with the troubleshooting.

Where Can You Buy BNB When It Is Not Available on Trust Wallet?

If you are in a hurry to buy BNB and Trust Wallet is giving you trouble, there is a solution – download and use Binance. There you can buy all the crypto you need and transfer it to the Trust Wallet.

Even though the Trust Wallet supports multiple cryptocurrency platforms, for example, Simplex and MoonPay, their fees are somewhat higher, making Binance the obvious choice. For a quick comparison, take a look at the table below.

Crypto ExchangeSpot Trading Fees
Simplex3.5% – 5%

All the data shows that buying a BNB coin from Binance will pay off the most since they have some of the lowest spot trading fees.

How to Buy BNB on Binance and Send It to the Trust Wallet

If you still want to invest in BNB even though it is not available on Trust Wallet, let’s see how you can buy the cryptocurrency on Binance.

Start by downloading and signing up for Binance. It is a pretty straightforward process. Just download Binance from the App Store or a Google Play Store and install it on your device. Open it, go to the “Register” button, and type in your pass and email address.

Once you have created an account, it is time to buy BNB. On a home page, you’ll find a navigation menu that shows a few options – Buy, Sell, Deposit, and Convert. If you want to buy BNB, this is the button you should press.

After buying BNB, the next step is to transfer it to the Trust Wallet. You can easily do that by opening the Trust Wallet app and tapping on a “Smart Chain” option. After you have copied the code, return to the Binance exchange app. From here, you’ll easily be able to pass the “Smart Chain Code” and withdraw the BNB to the Trust Wallet.

Binance app on a mobile phone

Contact Customer Support and Use Binance in the Meantime

Being unable to buy cryptocurrency on your mobile app can get frustrating pretty quickly, especially if you don’t know what is causing the error. If you find yourself in that kind of situation, follow some of the steps I mentioned above and find the problem.

Once you learn why you can’t purchase the BNB cryptocurrency on Trust Wallet, fixing the issue is going to be a lot easier. Otherwise, contact tech support and let them do their magic. In the meantime, simply trade the crypto on the Binance exchange and transfer it to the wallet.